Pavilion House – Flying Elephant Studio

Pavilion House – Flying Elephant Studio

The pavilion serves as an outhouse extension for a house on the adjacent property. Building-site ensemble is diagonally ordered , along with a large garden and pool. A perforated concrete shell contains an ‘aedicule’ like cubical volume that currently houses health-spa facilities, but can also function as bedrooms


Entrance of Pavilion House is from the east patio is aligned to the pool; which links with a living room of the old house. A large opening to the north integrates the interior with garden, giving the space a distinct outdoor aspect.



The double height veranda-like living space wraps around the north and east faces. Large folding-sliding teak wood doors with movable louvers allow a variety of options for controlling light, ventilation, privacy and security in Pavilion House.


In a location characterized by frequent cloudy skies, effort was to make to harvest daylight while keeping away unwanted views


The outer skin of Pavilion House records the daily passage of the sun within the interior, capturing dramatic daily variations in weather conditions particular to the Bangalore region.

Giacomo Mion, Pandian SM, Kiran Chandra,
Iype Chacko, Rajesh Renganathan

Structure : Manjunath & Co

MEP : Yash Consultants

Contractor : J Kumar Constructions

Photographs : Manoj Sudhakaran





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