Why Bluestone is Best for Garden Landscaping

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A widely popular natural product that can be used both indoors and outdoors with ease, bluestone has become a frequent choice for garden landscaping in Australia. It can be used in any area of your property, from pathways and driveways to swimming pool surrounds and steps. Bluestone pavers possess many characteristics that make them highly suited to any landscaping project, including:

Durable & Robust

Bluestone is highly dense, which allows it to withstand harsh outdoor conditions (from extreme heat to excessive moisture). It also features a tough surface and texture, making it more durable than other naturally occurring stones on the market. They’re the top choice for many landscapers, as they stay the same no matter how much direct sunlight, heavy rainfall and other damage they’re exposed to.

Safe & Secure


Many people are surprised to learn that bluestone is an inherently safe choice. It’s tough texture and surface ensures that it does not break easily (which could cause a tripping hazard). This texture also provides a non-slippery surface, making it highly suited to outdoor areas that will be wet at times. You won’t have any worries about tripping, slipping or falling over when walking around your property.

Beautiful & Stylish

The main point of landscaping is to ensure that the outside of your home looks just as beautiful as the inside. It makes sense, then, that homeowners would want to choose the most attractive materials they can. Natural bluestone possesses a timeless beauty and appeal that will really give your property that wow factor. Plus, it comes in a variety of colours and styles to suit whatever feel you’re going for.

Flexible & Versatile

One of bluestones’ best characteristics is that it can be used in almost any landscaping project you can think of, from low to high foot traffic areas. Possible projects include patios and entertaining areas, pathways, pool coping and surrounds, stepping stones, water features, driveways and steps. You will be able to create a cohesive look across your whole property by using the same material.

Cost Effective & Affordable

Don’t be fooled into thinking that bluestone pavers are going to cost you a pretty penny – it’s actually one of the more affordable natural stones available. Also take into account the fact that it’s relatively maintenance free and will look a million dollars for years to come, meaning that you will save money on repairs and maintenance. All of this combines for a very cost effective choice that is worth every dollar.

Ease of Installation

One of the great things about bluestone is that it’s incredibly easy to install – all you need to do is lay an appropriate base and lay the pavers into place. Whether you’re doing it yourself or whether you’re having a landscaper do it for you, the project will be completed in what feels like no time at all. When pavers need to be cut, it can be done relatively easily and without much hassle.

Whilst there is a number of beautiful natural stones on the market, none of them can compare with bluestone pavers, particularly when it comes to landscaping projects. This is a truly unique choice that will stand the test of time – and look a million dollars whilst doing it.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and use natural bluestone in your next landscaping project, be sure to contact the helpful team at Yarrabee & Castlemaine. We cannot get enough of this beautiful natural stone and can help you use it in a variety of landscaping projects. With its timeless appeal and amazing durability, we are sure that this is a choice you won’t regret making for years to come.