Vinyl Flooring Collection that is biggest 2017 trends

Vinyl Flooring Collection that is biggest 2017 trends

Marble Meets Modern

Fresh Faux Marble Atrafloor Collection

Marching on with its immense popularity from last year, Marble has been forecasted by Vogue, Pinterest and more as one of the biggest and best interior design trends of 2017. The chic, classy style of the mineral medley that is Marble has inspired Atrafloor Vinyl Flooring to do what they do best and bring the timeless look to flooring with a new contemporary range of exclusive designs.

Marble to Marvel At

From chic, classic white marble to modernised, unique designs that take Marble beyond its natural forms, anyone can achieve their ideal Marble interiors look and get inspired with the Atrafloor Vinyl Flooring collection.

Easy to install and a practical, beautiful alternative to the real thing, these Marble-effect vinyl flooring designs go worlds beyond standard stone flooring and introduce the revolutionary concept of luxurious, modern Marble style in any room of any home.

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Quintessential Kitsch

vibrant neons, bubblegum palettes and soft 1950’s colourways with postmodern twists define the playful prints of iconic Retro design that bring about an endearing sense of nostalgia.

The in-house design team at Atrafloor have crafted a variety of bold, abstract flooring designs with colourful geometric flairs and kitschy 70’s vibes to reference a range of much-loved, unmistakably Retro styles.

Iconic Interiors

Postmodernists that created the art we define today as Retro challenged the simple, minimalist nature of common mid-century modern interiors by splashing home surfaces with vibrant hues, funky shapes, fun patterns and all-around imaginative design that broke the mould.

Atrafloor’s Retro Range features iconically Vintage and Retro designs as flooring, in classic sepia tones and new-age colour pops, to celebrate the homey, groovy design movement that still resonates with us as both sentimental and stylish.

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Pop Geometrics

Atrafloor Vinyl Flooring is bringing fun and funky designs to floors with their Geometric Collection, featuring fresh pops of colour, stylish block shapes and innovative new designs that make boring flooring a thing of the past.

Liven up a modern home with futuristic geometric patterns in eye-catchingly bright ‘n’ bold palettes.

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Palm Leaf Paradise

Create a lush green getaway that transforms your home into an island paradise or deep rainforest with the stylish new Tropical Leaf Collection by Atrafloor Vinyl Flooring.

Illustrated with lavish and minimalist looks, these designs feature a variety of luxe palm, monstera, banana and schefflera leaves. The perfect collection for a refreshing wave of nature no matter the season, with dark and mysterious designs for a jungle-inspired room and bright, fresh beachy floors for that Hawaiian utopia feel.


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Step Beyond Scandi

2017’s showing us that there’s more to modern, homey interiors than simply Scandinavian style. Get inspired by iconic design from around the globe with Atrafloor’s top picks for traditional flooring designs, showcasing a selection of popular flooring patterns of Native American, Indonesian, Moroccan and South African origins.

Worldly Wonders

Featuring familiar patterns such as Ikat and Mudcloth, and staple Moroccan design, this vinyl flooring collection exhibits a variety of cultural classics. From subtle styles and neutral palettes to bold lines and colour pops, these timeless patterns create the perfect floor space for a characterful, stylish home.



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3D Illusion Flooring

Go bold with funky 3D effect flooring. Atrafloor’s innovative Geometric flooring range features a variety of unique, modern designs, including a collection of stand-out pieces that create an illusion of 3D block shapes.

Goodbye Boring Flooring

A unique alternative to traditional interior decor, these surreal, surprising designs break away from standard flooring.

From 3D cubes that make a stylish statement to subtle shapes with illusions that make you look twice, these designs are for those looking for something a little different to personalise their living space.






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