Top 15 DIY Hand-Painted Furniture & Décor Ideas For Your Home

Handpainted furniture and décor are a super option if you’re thinking of remodelling your home. They allow you to add authentic pieces, unlike contemporary solutions that involve the mass production of identical pieces. Moreover, handpainted décor allows you to perfectly capture your charm and personality, and tap into bespoke and higher-quality finishes. If you’d like to seize all these and more benefits of handpainted furniture, take a look at our roundup of 15 home furniture décor ideas that we’ve strategically put together just for you.

Top 15 DIY Hand-Painted Furniture & Décor Ideas For Your Home

  1. Zaida Handpainted Jewellery Box

Its colorful design makes it the go-to for uplifting mundane furniture aesthetics and creating a youthful ambiance around any space. The Zaida Handpainted Jewellery Box will especially revitalize surfaces such as:

  • Bedside Tables
  • Armoires
  • Nightstands & More

Store your precious items in glam style with this amazing DIY handpainted furniture.

  • Zotikos Handpainted Picture Frames

Build your home’s new personality with the Zoitokos Handpainted Picture Frames, which come in an ascending size set of three.

The floral accents around the edge are nice detailing, with a large white piece that can offer contrast to dull walls in particular.

  • Thales Handpainted Wooden Bajot Table

You could also opt to completely switch out your table in favor of the Thales handpainted wooden Bajot table. Or, simply use it as a complement to your existing centerpiece.

Here’s why we recommend this as one of the top home furniture décor ideas:

  • Lovely Range Of Rich Colours
  • Beautiful Fauna And Flora Accents
  • Quality Vintage Wood Finish
  • Mehtab Silk Cushion Cover

Cushion covers are a simple and elegant way to add charm to your furniture, old or new. The Mehtab Silk cushion cover can help add an extra dense layer to cushions and make for more fluffy seating.

Besides, cushion covers such as this one are also a nice way to keep hard-to-clean cushions free of both dirt and allergens.

  • Favio Bone Inlay End Table

Handcrafted using a combination of rare materials including honourably sourced camel bone, the Favio Bone Inlay End Table is unique as per the distinct camel compositions that go into its design.

You’re also sure to appreciate its:

  • Detailed Timber Frame
  • Carved Fragment Patterns
  • Elaborate Detail Across Its Entire Surface
  • Timo Handpainted Wooden Tray

Handmade, hand painted, and hands down adorable, the Timo Handpainted wooden tray adds creative joy to any tabletop you’d like to style up. Place remotes, keys, drinks, you name it, on this beautiful accessory that fulfils an array of duties.

Beyond being attractive, it’s also built to stand the test of time while offering a uniquely distressed piece.

  • Khusro Black Silk Table Runner

Make your table even more visually striking with the Khusro Black Silk table runner, which brings to the table the following attributes:

  • Ability To Give Your Tabletop A Symmetrical And Consistent Tone
  • Option To Pair The Table Runner With Matching Accessories
  • Ability To Protect Your Table From Stains, Scratches, And Ageing
  • Corban Hand painted Armoire

The Corban Handpainted Armoire offers excellent versatility, with its ability to find function in your dining room, bedroom, living room, and pretty much anywhere else, making it one of the best home furniture décor ideas.

Work this incredible armoire into your home to complement your existing furniture while expanding your storage options in glamorous style.

  • Elvan Hand Painted Kantha Chakki Pouffe

Incorporate classy support for your furniture with a super cushy pouffe that provides unmatched uniqueness in design, thanks to a meticulous hand painting process.

Highlights of the Elvan Hand painted Kantha Chakki Pouffe include:

  • Customization Options To Fit Your Colour Preferences
  • Modern Chic Vibe With A Touch Of Vintage Flair
  • Recycled Kantha Fabric That’s Durable And Eye-pleasing
  • Nawra Carved 4 Panel Room Divider

If you’re keen to add a decorative focal point to a room, hide clutter, accent a space or just elevate privacy, then go for the Nawra Carved 4 Panel Room divider.

Leverage it to create sacred spots around your house for worship, private conversations, or whichever way else you see fit. You’re sure to fall in love with the intricate colours that play across the jail design.

  1. Zeinab Hand Painted Chest Of Drawers

Are you running short on storage space? You’ll find the Zeinab Hand Painted Chest of Drawers to be equal to the task. It’s small and elegant and would make for a stunning companion to your:

  • Sofa
  • End table
  • Reading table
  • Centre tables
  • Consoles And More
  • Stavros Study Table

Pair this distressed piece of furniture with a tonal-matching seat to create your cozy library den. The Stavros Study Table comes with a pair of drawers to keep reading material within reach.

What’s more, it includes a footrest, and overall makes for a well-finished piece that will feel right at home no matter your style of décor.

  1. Hand Carved Vintage Wooden Jharokha Mirror

Furniture sets the tone for your décor. A vintage mirror can add depth to this ambiance and further amplify the aesthetic appeal even further.

Here’s why we recommend the hand carved vintage wooden Jharokha Mirror in particular:

  • It Features Genuine Reclaimed Wood
  • It Boasts An Eye-catching Antique Look
  • It Encompasses Elaborate Details And Patterns

Hang it above your furniture for simplistic décor that’s fabulous.

  1. Euterpe Vintage Wooden Bird Painted Wall Frame

Empty table tops can feel ordinary and boring. Step up your game with our home furniture décor ideas such as the Euterpe Vintage Wooden Bird Painted Wall Frame.

This will add vintage charm to your furniture and could look especially striking under the glow of a lampshade. Alternatively, just holster it above your furniture for an enamoured look.

  1. Gold Spot Painted Iron Pot

A case of saving the best for last, the Gold Spot Painted Iron Pot will add a splash of colour to dull furniture surfaces in an instant.

Highlights of this vibrant décor include:

  • Industrial Accents And Flair
  • Unique Design With Bold Colours
  • Retro Feel Due To Its Iconic Logo That Honours A Once-famous Drink In India

Step Into A World Of Handpainted Treasures!

That does it for our round-up of home furniture décor ideas, but this is by no means the end of the road. Explore the Artisans Rose store for more handpainted gems that will improve the lure and appeal of your furniture and home décor. Shop now to get in on our massive Holi sale and discounts!

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