September 12, 2016

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“Knowledge is the food of the Soul”

– Plato

Learning does not require a medium and Architecture per se cannot be taught. In this entire process of Self learning through Reading and Observation, The Architect’s Diary is a Digi (talized) Interactive Magazine to connect and map these trajectories for Architects and Designers. It visions to span over multitude of generations nearly more than one lac people through digital and social media marketing

Breaking the Thumb Rule of gathering information through traditional Reading, The Architect’s Diary brings the touch pad generation an interactive forum to visualize the content that they are reading. It covers wide range of topics of Architecture from History to Contemporary with qualitative emphasis on stories that justify beyond hard copy reading.

The diary features Audio/Visual formats for its content with supported Animations, panoramic views, puzzles,3 Dimensional visualization and interactive Designing on the website itself. However it is a cross platform Digi-Interactive magazine for all operating systems like Android, MAC and Windows.


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