Sweet Haven | Architecture & Beyond design

Sweet Haven | Architecture & Beyond design

If one is to look carefully, all the evidence is right there. The interiors of this sweet haven, Love Sugar & Dough in Surat, Gujarat has been carefully designed to conjure up a contemporary culinary experience. The space of the restaurant may be small (117 sq. ft.), but the Architecture & Beyond design team has ensured that LSD is much like a éclair, surprising and impetuous on the inside and a solid shade on the outside; here a beautiful brick wall becomes the facade of the shop. Also outside, the design team led by Aashish Patel and Bhavesh Patel placed an interesting plywood abstract structure, clearly intended to add a bit of youthful zest to the area. Inside, the low-seating and the MDF board walls sport layered splashes of color, while on the ceiling there is a marvelous source of warm light seeping in through lamps made of inverted jelly jars.




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