Stunning Home Addition Ideas

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If you need a more beautiful house and you have the space, there is no need to search for a larger home. To most homeowners, having a beautiful homestead is considered an intelligent investment that boosts their value. One way to improve your home’s value is by adding a custom deck-building structure that will enhance your outdoor living space and boost your curb appeal. When you sell your house sometime later, you will set your prices higher due to the added value.

In most cases, additions can be grand. For example, building on two-story spaces or second additions, but this doesn’t have to be the case. From the bump-outs to the micro-additions, numerous more minor ways will impact the comfort of your home significantly while optimizing the plan of your floor. For instance, enhance an addition with small bricks, such as installing a glass wall to take a boxy annex from closed and dark to airy and bright. This article focuses on some stunning home addition ideas to help you improve your home.

Adding a Small Deck

Setting up a small deck to an addition can deliver functionality to the adjacent exterior and exterior spaces. A deck fills the wasted space and offers the homeowners the destination outside the bedroom. The best part is when the homeowner intends to sell the house; he can recoup approximately 72 percent of the deck’s cost.


Almost every one of us has once desired to bask in the sun or sit out and have a cup of coffee as it rains without the weather affecting us. If so, then you must have a splendid sunroom. They are simple and easy to construct as they can be made of wooden frames and glass to allow as much natural light as possible.

It can also act as a place where you can have a nursery of outdoor plants and be stress-free from being affected by the extreme weather. They don’t need additional cooling or heating, making it one of the easiest and cheapest ways to install home additions. You may have to invest a little money and time in getting the electrical grid right for small light and fan points.

Use the Attic Dormer Additions

A dormer is a projected structure out from your home’s main roof. It contains a window, and a roof may have several dormers, as in the traditional Cape Cod home design. If you have a very tall and long attic space, adding dormers can increase the usable square footage in the attic. Dormer rooms can be living areas, bedrooms or even bathrooms.

When your attic is tall enough to allow you to stand in but lacks windows, it can be a way of meeting the building code requirement for windows in the living spaces. When turning your attic into your home addition, keep some space for storage even if you do not need it. It may be of great assistance later.


There are many ways to improve or add value to your home. Living in a house where you feel contented is everyone’s dream. Try the above methods, and you will be proud of the outcome. You can always find more information on how to add your home on our website.