Music Academy-recording studio Interiors – Hundredhands.

Music Academy-recording studio Interior’s- hundred hands

Bangalore-based alternative rock band “Thermal and a Quarter” decides to make a “Taaqademy”-Music academy in 1700 sq.ft Studio including sound proof jam rooms, a practice area for instruction an office and a retail outlet. Banglore based architectural firm “hundred hands” was assigned to create a perfect place where music can flow and albums can be released.

The Music academy was given a curvilinear form constructed with exposed brick giving it a raw feeling at the same time the acoustics were taken care of.

The glass entrance area was created in between curvilinear spaces which were dedicated to band jam room and recording studio.

The band’s studio/jam room’s layout was designed to accommodate 7-piece drum kit with highly equipped touring gears with stage amp’s this particular room hosted two of the album recording of the band.



Client: Thermal And A Quarter

Acoustical Consultant

Sound Wizard






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