Mahaprasthanam crematory | D A Studios

Mahaprasthanam crematory | D A Studios

The client PHOENIX FOUNDATION with local Municipal Corporation undertook the task of accomplishing this state of the art crematorium from a neglected crematory in the foot of Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India. As an already existing 3.7-acre crematory/cemetery, the initiative was to accommodate the Hindu cremation rituals, culturally and contextually. 

In Hindu Philosophy of Ģta Life’s purpose is fulfilled when one goes through the 16 phases called Shodasha Samskara. Death in Hindu Philosophy is but a journey in search of perfection and eventual Moksha.

Antyeșṭi, the final stage of life is the funeral ritual. Divided into 5 major stages- preparation, cremation, mourning, purification, and commemoration- the last rite is fulfilled.

lamenting the lost, the built forms are shaped in such a way that; Pavilions embrace to console the loved ones, Waiting for halls silently bow in honor, & Pyres open up to liberate the lost in a farewell.
|Symbol| Every step, every stone & every turn empathizes with the loss and lost as much as it was for the living and the life shared. It symbolizes the significance of love and loss as continuity.

Due to building on an existing crematory, the open land pockets left a scattered layout to the built forms. resulting in a organic layout of spaces.





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