Mrs B ladies salon by Pallavi Dean Interiors, Dubai – UAE

Mrs B ladies salon by Pallavi Dean Interiors, Dubai – UAE

From Designers: The brief was to create a Salon with a USP, the market is over saturated with ladies salon. When situated in a hotel they have a traditional ornate and luxurious feel. We needed a design concept that stands out and aids with the branding of the overall space. We were asked to maximize the floor plate and create segregated areas for different functions like: Hair wash, Styling, Manicure, Spa, Pedicure, Makeup, reception + waiting, Staff pantry and storage – a very tall order for a tiny space! Space planning is the real design genius in this project.

Creating separate areas per function without making space feel claustrophobic – step in reflective surfaces and smoke mirrors that give the user the illusion of space. Upstairs on the makeup counter, we have pivotable mirrors so the station doubles up as a manicure table too. Safe to say every square inch of the space has been utilized! The concept narrative revolves around androgyny. A design that is not about being ‘pretty’ but embraces both masculine and feminine characteristics of beauty.

It’s designed for a woman that is confident, someone who is on the same level playing field with a man. She can wear trainers or suit and still feel beautiful. The furniture within the space was carefully selected to reflect this. The architectural elements like double height screen door, the smoked glass balustrade and the design of the styling stations (complete with a leather belt strap) all reinforce this concept. The lead designer is an architect and the main feature was creating the mezzanine level a U-shaped staircase with the structural engineer without compromising on the sense of space.

You will notice the double volume space is where the main styling stations are located. The access door to the styling area extends up all the way to mezzanine level creating privacy from the reception and making an architectural statement. The custom designed styling stations are complete with integrated power sockets for equipment, entertainment drawers with ipads and dekton worktops. The Belmont Takara chairs traditionally used in Barber shops add a masculine touch and are perfect for feminine face treatments!

Design: Pallavi Dean Interiors
Photography: Agata Kurzela


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