Inside Parineeti’s Mumbai Home

Inside Parineeti’s Mumbai Home

Parineeti Chopra is an actress known for her spunky roles on-screen and heartfelt statements off it. And she has made a niche of her own with the choice of films and her performances. No wonder a bit of her individualistic personality has also seeped into her Mumbai home, a project she claims to have been closely involved in.

Located at the heart of the city, Parineeti Chopra’s apartment is a plush 3400 sq. ft. flat facing the Arabian Sea. Considering the exotic feel of this location, her house is filled with wide glass doors and window panes Carefully Designed By The Orange lane Studio.

The light coloured flooring and walls allow for ample experiments with colours in the rest of the decor. From the comfortable looking blue couch and funky cushions to the umpteen books and trophies on the shelf, everything commands a space of its own.

It is a four bedroom apartment but has been converted into two bedrooms and the other two are a make-up room and an entertainment room. Parineeti Chopra’s love for travelling reflects the theme of every room in her house. Tripods shaped lamps, set against patterned sliding doors, are also an interesting addition to the mix.


Her master bedroom has a life size world map with cityscapes and vehicle figures. How cool is that! Her entertainment room is a unique sound proof room that is often used by Parineeti to work in peace, rehearsing scenes and dialogues etc. However, the room is designed with several elements of entertainment like a huge library, DVD collection, home theatre system and Playstation. Keeping up with the rapid change of temperatures, the gallery of Parineeti Chopra’s residence is quite environment friendly, courtesy, the green plants and the bio-wall.

















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