Industrial Style Loft Office Designs – The Trend

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You may already be familiar with the industrial interior design trend that has become prominent throughout the world, which isn’t surprising considering this trend has appeared in people’s houses, cafes, office spaces, and even hairdressers and tattoo studios. It has become a fan favourite due to its natural detailing and fuss-free atmosphere. It is also incredibly modern and harnesses minimalism, which can be greatly beneficial for professional settings, helping employers and employees practice a cleaner and clutter-free work environment that promotes a healthier and safer workplace.

Although this trend has been around for many years now, it is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, it is still just as popular and a favourite interior design amongst homeowners and business professionals. Therefore, if you are considering how you could incorporate the industrial style into your office, the following guide is going to take you through the process and offer insightful guidance. 

What is the Industrial Style Interior Design Trend?

The trend is a simple one to understand: it is about creating a utilitarian space that incorporates wood and metal and contrasts these two juxtaposing materials with one another. Typically, it takes natural materials and elevates them so that they can be used to create a comfortable workspace that although it mimics a workshop or warehouses, it also offers relaxation and luxury.

The industrial style trend is not for everyone, considering it can come across as empty and cold. But for an office space, it can be practical and offer a zen-like atmosphere that promotes productivity.  

What are the Benefits of an Industrial Style Loft Office?

An industrial style office space has a wealth of benefits. For starters, it promotes a clean environment due to the lack of furniture. However, you can also experience other benefits such as:

  • A clutter-free environment
  • Sleek furniture
  • Modern and contemporary art and interior design
  • Cool and calming colour palettes
  • An open plan workspace that promotes collaboration 

Of course, it all comes to personal preference. So, before you transform your workspace into one that encompasses industrial interior design, check to see whether it suits your tastes and preferences. 

How Can You Design an Industrial Themed Office Space?

If you are a fan of an industrial-themed office space and would love to renovate your workplace (whether it’s your own personal space or one that you share with employees or co-workers), then you will want to ensure that you are utilising your space but also including the main elements that make the industrial trend so popular. If you are not a natural interior designer and have no idea how to go about renovating an office space, you should hire the services of a professional contractor, builder, and interior designer who can turn your vision into a reality. 

Hire Experts

Bring in the experts so that they can survey the workspace and see how best to go about transforming it into your industrial dream. They can offer sound advice on what would work best and suggest whether you could use any existing features such as the piping that is currently hidden in the ceiling. 

Map it Out

Rather than buy furniture or paint and not know how best to place it in the space, take the time to map it out so that you know exactly how it is going to look and fit. The last thing you want to do is order a bunch of office desks that do not end up fitting in the space! 

You can do this through design visualisation tools, which allows you to plan out and see how you can best utilise the space before you start decorating it. This can help save you time but also money on resources and reduce the likelihood of you making costly mistakes. 

Include Exposed Pipes and Beams

There are specific key design elements that make the industrial trend. One main design element is the inclusion of exposed pipes and beams. For some people, this may make the space look ‘unfinished,’ but it can help make the room seem bigger and brighter due to the higher ceilings. If you have a small workplace, you could do this to make your office seem visually bigger and much airier. 

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours are typically used within this trend because it aids in making the space seem light and airy. Plus, neutral colours such as off-white and light browns or greys can complement the industry ducts and piping that may be on display as well as the wooden flooring and exposed brick. You can always add a pop of colour by including a subtle pink or blue on any sofas and chairs. 

Turn Exposed Bricks and Concrete into a Feature

Rather than paint over or wallpaper the walls, utilise the exposed brick and concrete and turn it into a feature wall. Not only can this be an eye-catching feature, but it can also help keep your office space seeming on-trend and free from scuffs and marks that appear on painted walls. 

The industrial interior trend has been going strong for many years now, and there are no signs of it slowing down. If this seems like the trend for you, see if it will suit your current office space. 

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