This heritage hotel Interior will Surprise you for sure

This heritage hotel interior can Surprise you for sure

Mihir Garh is a motivated and designed brainchild of a couple Sidharth Singh and his wife Rashmi. The duo uplifted their vision and expression of their individuality, all united by an attention to detail extravagant fortress hotel near Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. With a desire to share this heaven on earth, a sophisticated sand castle rising in the middle of the dessert was built with attentive and carefully chosen interiors by Rashmi. 

Mihir gard was a successful attempt to create an elegant structure from desert itself, a Fort created with just imagination, an image.With splendid sunset and inspirational view, an idea took shape.

Guided by intuition, rather than reason; inspired by emotions, rather than rationale, bit by bit it gave the dream a form. More than a hundred carpenters, craftsmen, and artisans from the region have worked tirelessly along with us, over two years to make a dream a reality. Harsh summers have not stopped them from creating a fort par excellence.

Every nook and corner of Mihir Garh were taken care of together. Rashmi has personally designed everything from the color schemes and combinations to the last door knob and curtain holder. In 2009, when Mihir Garh was completed, realizing that with the help of our very talented team it had achieved something remarkable: a haven where the glorious past rubs shoulders with the contemporary chic, to give you the experience of a life time.


This fort holds nine magnificent suites. Each one is more than 1700 square feet of pure luxury. Private Jacuzzi’s or plunge pools with each suite, re-define the word indulgence. Numerous alcoves, lounges and common areas commanding a spectacular view have been designed so you can experience intimacy – with yourself and another. By personally appointing the staff, we are rest assured that Mihir Garh will be able to provide high standards of hospitality to you amidst the vast wilderness of the Thar.


From village safaris to royal picnics, from the novel experience of riding some of the finest specimens of horses, to watching an antelope prance past, or simply gazing at the magnificent night sky after a Shikar Dinner, Mihir Garh will keep you yearning for more. And just when you feel you have experienced everything there was to experience, it may surprise you with something… something new to wonder upon.


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