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Facade design Of commercial Building

Breaking the stereotype image of a Commercial Building, this unit stands robust on a plot of 41000 sq.ft. as one of the emerging landmarks of the city. unnamed

The entire length of the building runs parallel to an active road.Facade design Of commercial Building was designed to have a monstrous 300 ft. long façade, reflecting a fluid character, which was imparted to the structure to evade usual uniformity experienced in commercial buildings.


This ultra-modern commercial building has been claimed to be one of the best building in terms of aesthetics, planning services and facilities provided.


Commercial building has a character that has been derived on the basis of their function, i.e. Glass facades for shops and showrooms, so that maximum frontage view is available to them.The main foyer of the building is the well-created light at the central part. Tactfully some guest sitting has been created with intricate artwork. The combination of carved with greenery gives a very fresh and appealing feel to this most welcoming space.



A great effort has been taken to make the common areas feel more elegant, – the floors, the ceilings, and everything have been specially designed in a well-co-ordinated manner.


The overall building has been designed to serve the purpose of giving maximum frontage to all the commercial space. In spite of the very simple basic layout of the building, the overall character designed is very fluidic and charismatic.


Two shades of blue glass running length wise have been used in the façade and it not only looks interesting but compliments the fluidity and length of the building. The dark gray texture on the exterior also marks the building looks bold and dynamic.



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Project type: Commercial Building

Plot Size: 41269 sq. feet

Built up: 108832 sq. feet

Timeline: March 2013 to 2015

Structure: Post-tensioned R.C.C. Structure

Project team: Shourya Patel, Paresh Patel, and Amit Boghani








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