August 3, 2017

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Learning does not require a medium and Architecture per se cannot be taught. In this entire process of Self-learning through Reading and Observation, The Architect’s Diary is a Digi (talized) Interactive Magazine to connect and map these trajectories for Architects and Designers. It visions to span over the multitude of generations nearly more than one lac people through digital and social media marketing.

-The magazine latest and versatile architecture and design projects from India.
-This particular issue covers projects relevant to Furniture design ,Lighting ,Home Décor including interior design projects from best designers across the country.
-high-quality photographs.
-attractive layout design.
-PDF version.
-Get weekly updates from our regular blog.
-Read anywhere: in the web browser, on Android phones and tablets, or with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Kolam grids were used to create a varied palette of patterns, signage, and wayfinding graphics. The versatile grid allows for significant variety in form and scale while maintaining a consistent identity throughout the building.

A small little shop that is devoted to churning out an array of cookies designed to follow the lines of a vintage grace and leaving an impact on a timeless, ageless space.

12 Wood Pendant Lights That can light up your decor this festival.

A stylish urban apartment, designed by zero9 .the clients desired to have a home with the warmth of nature felt throughout the day. The broad daylight and the breezy cross ventilated characteristics of the apartment were to be retained and maximized with the design.

Hanging up an indoor garden is a great idea for a number of reasons, the biggest being that it keeps your plants off the ground.

The work includes lamps in the shape of surfaces engendered by parametric mathematical equations and developed to be produced in wood.

The Muslim king who was deeply in love with queen’s beauty agreed to the condition and he completed the construction of the well.

Breaking the Thumb Rule of gathering information through traditional Reading, The Architect’s Diary brings the touch pad generation an interactive forum to visualize the content that they are reading. It covers a wide range of topics of Architecture from History to Contemporary with qualitative emphasis on stories that justify beyond hard copy reading.