Art Deco Wallpapers

Art Deco Wallpapers offers Boldest and Geometrically Interesting Interiors

Art Deco Wallpapers offers boldest and geometrically interesting interiors

The New Art Deco Wallpapers

This is Art Deco, but not as you know it. Murals Wallpaper’s contemporary take on the Art Deco movement is the perfect homage to the most iconic interiors movement of the 20th century. Effervescent and suave, these wall murals capture perfectly, with a modern twist, the archetypal elegance and forward-thinking mindset of the Roaring Twenties.

Arts Décoratifs

Influenced by old Hollywood glamor, eclectic motifs from far-flung lands and sleek angular designs, the Art Deco era offered some of the 20th century’s boldest and geometrically interesting interiors. The signature aesthetic still remains a timeless trend that evokes luxury and order with symmetrical designs in exuberant shapes. These new designs go against the grain of traditional rich color palettes and provide fresh, on-trend pieces that command attention.



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