Abhijeet Sawant new House Interior is Totally Admirable Designed by PSDesign


Abhijeet Sawant new House Interior is Totally Admirable Designed by PSDesign.

With a house that’s to be home to a traditional family, it’s important to make the available space work to its maximum potential. The family consisted of Abhijeet, his wife Shilpa, his parents and his younger sister. The 28th-floor apartment is a modest 1,800 sq ft, however, we moved a lot of walls to accommodate much more space. Clever storage is an integral part of the house where wall niches and concealed cabinets are the order of the day.

The factors to be considered were storage, a spacious feel and a smooth transition from the old house to the new. Since music was a not just a passion but his whole life revolved around it, we made sure that it played an important role in the decor of the house.

The apartment had two doors:  the main entrance and one to the servants’ quarters. We blocked off the second door and created a simple wooden sliding grill in front of the main door. The entry itself is made grander by making a double door with a wooden sliding jail, which gives an interesting peek into the house if left open.


A statue of Ganesh, incidentally the only artifact the owners brought with them from their old residence, sits benevolently at the front door.

Once inside, a door on the right leads you to Abhijeet’s sister’s room which is a simple affair in white and wood with pink accents. The veneer used is smoked oak veneer. The room has a single bed which converts into a double as and when required. The furnishings are in a soft feminine pink and is further dramatized by a pink grass cloth wallpaper

To the left of the main door, was a servant’s quarter which has been converted into a narrow walk-in dressing area for Abhijeet, with floor-to-ceiling wardrobes.

The apartment was a 3.5 bhk, which was converted into a 3 bhk and the living room was expanded to accommodate the large family during most of the day since they spent most of the time together. The furniture uses sober colors like deep red, black and beige. The furniture here is a mix of faux leather and fabrics. An interesting red lounger sits on the opposite side of the sofa. Above the sofa is an artistically shot, large-framed picture of piano keys. In a niche in the accent wall, traditional Indian musical instruments, a sitar, and a table. The style of this living room is dramatic and luxurious. Since the area was huge and could have accommodated dark colors with the flood of natural light coming in through the double French windows located on either side of the living cum dining room. One can view the entire Mumbai skyline on both sides.

The dining area sits to an east facing balcony. A round table and five faux leather chairs, same as the color of the recliner lend a touch of grandeur to this area. A beautiful picture of Ganesha hangs above the dining unit, which has been in the family for years.

The kitchen was combined with utility space to give a huge look to the whole space and carve out storage required for the whole family.

The master bedroom is a break from the rest of the house with tones shifting to the whites with a touch of blue and silver in the furnishings. A pu and white back painted glass closet with sliding doors has custom made shelving for personal use. We borrowed space from the bathroom for this and hence a part of the wardrobe can be accessed from both sides. Storage is created on the sides of the bed by covering a small window and creating a niche within which the bed sits. These storages are finished with mirror and also give the illusion of a larger room. Hanging lights on the sides of the bed add a touch of drama.We did a shoot with Abhijeet and Shilpa, which is captured and framed behind their bed, in a way that it seems that Abhijeet is singing and Shilpa is listening.

In Abhijeet’s parent’s room, the panels on both sides of the headboard open outward to display neat shelving. We did away with a window behind this space and converted it into a cabinet. The rest of the bedroom is done up in tones of beige and cream and the furniture is solid and serviceable.


Photo Credit: phxindia


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