April 12, 2019

350+ Best Temple / Mandir Design Ideas (E-BOOK)


350+ Best Temple / Mandir Design Ideas (E-BOOK)

Reflecting emotions and abiding by customs and traditions whereby displaying the significance of Temple in Indian families. Temples form an integral part of almost all Indian households but unable to arrest our eyes when it comes to home Décor.

Bowing down to statues and sculptures is modus operandi of every individual with sunrise in Indian culture noted families. It is believed that day will pass exceptionally well with the bestowal of the blessing of almighty. In order to get peace from the mundane and restless life of individuals, the importance of temples is growing in leaps and bounds.
Positive aura and sturdy growth to wrestle with muddled up life. Our predicaments can be overwhelmed by our workship to almighty. Our sins are also diminished by our workship. These temples are never a meeting place for congregation but it came to be the focal point of the community.
These temples represent a multi-faceted profile that still bears aristocratic imprint of its former rulers. They are lighted with hanging lamps and ornate floors. Wooden setups arrest our eyes on them.
Unemployed spaces and areas can be credibly transferred into temples and prayer room. These spaces have a positive proliferation spread throughout the house. Thereby they form a crucial part of home décor.

350+ Best mandir/temple is a collection of amazing Mandir / Temple designs In the contemporary house, with this E-Book we believe to provide design inspiration to the readers Also,well-curated designs from the most innovative and established design firms.
Each of the projects is carefully selected on the based on the Design standards & space defining factors. Also, the theme of the project and functional fundaments are considered with their uniqueness.

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