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Filling Pieces exhibition by Flip Ziedses Des Plantes at Paris Fashion Week

Good shoes take you good places,’ goes the saying. Flip Ziedses Des Plantes turns this expression on its head, having designed an exhibition for footwear brand Filling Pieces at Paris Fashion Week that is now overtaking the Amsterdam-based label’s retail presence around the world. The design studio created the ‘sneaker landscapes’ exhibition at the heart[Read More]

3 BHK Apartment Interiors at Yari Road | Amit Shastri Architects

3 BHK Apartment Interiors at Yari Road | Amit Shastri Architects The Project: Amit Shastri Architects & Interior Designer(ASA) is known for their detail-driven work with the crisp programming of lines and spaces. The client’s brother, who’d already been a client of the firm, was well acquainted with ASA’s work and had strongly recommended that[Read More]

Modern & Neat Residential Interiors | VPA Architects

Modern & Neat Residential Interiors VPA Architects VPA’s work has always been designing and content driven. Bagged through positive word of mouth this residential project, in Ahmedabad, had a precise brief: The client wanted a “neat interior” which translated into simple functionals with low maintenance details. Other than the functional requirements, the architects had complete freedom[Read More]

Industrial Luxe: a romance between industrial textures and indulgence

The Industrial Luxe revival range takes inspiration from seasonal palettes of AW17 and juxtaposes it with the retro glamour of the 1970s era. Merging the lines between indoor and outdoor living, the Industrial Luxe murals create layers of intrigue by incorporating outdoor textures within interior settings.As part of the homage to the Mid Century Modern trend, Murals Wallpaper is excited[Read More]

KUP lamp are Available in Black, and Luxurious Gold and Copper Finishes by Tim Brauns for B lux

Tim Brauns designs KUP, a new LED modular lighting system, for B.lux. B.lux’s new LED modular lighting system is the work of designer Tim Brauns, who has become a regular collaborator of the Basque manufacturer. It is a suspension system called KUP that can be used to create multiple modular compositions and adapted to all[Read More]

Roots Analysis Offices – Mohali | Studio Mohenjodaro
Roots Office_ Studio Mohenjodaro (1)

Roots Analysis Offices – Mohali | Studio Mohenjodaro Studio Mohenjodaro designed the offices for biopharmaceutical market research company Roots Analysis, located in Mohali, India. Providing market research and consultation in bio-pharmaceutical industry, Root Analysis is located in the heart of the business centre of Mohali. The client brief demanded an informal office space that would encourage interaction[Read More]

H-Cube House | Studio Lagom
Cube House Livingroom

H-Cube House | Studio Lagom The H-Cube House in Surat strikes a contemporary and modern note in a nondescript urban milieu. Bagged with the help of positive word of mouth, this assignment came almost immediately on the heels of a larger villa project that was more than 10 times the scale of the present project.[Read More]

Colored Bay Windows of the Hostel to Creates an Identity | Sanjay Puri Architects

Colored Bay Windows of the Hostel to Creates an Identity | Sanjay Puri Architects Text description provided by the architects. Taking a cue from the old city streets of Mathura city in India where this project is located, this 800 room students’ hostel creates organic spaces. Designed in 4 level high, 5 linear blocks, the built spaces snake[Read More]

Hanging Wooden Lamps Can Be Combined to Create larger sculptural lamp

Architects Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri of Italian studio Plato Design, have a collection of concrete and wood magnetic lamps named TWELVE, that can be used individually or combined to make a larger sculptural lamp. The collection, which includes both table and pendant lights made from concrete or wood, is named after its dodecahedron shape, which was achieved by using[Read More]

Hoysala Village resort | MALNAD PALACE | JJ Associates
Hoysala Village resort | MALNAD PALACE

Hoysala Village resort | MALNAD PALACE | JJ Associates MALNAD PALACE: First look at this place gives one a surprising and curious idea of what would be experienced inside, whereas the interior space throws you a different experience altogether. Architecture & Style A vernacular style of architecture with the use of locally available materials exposed[Read More]