3 Room Flat Interior Design with Elegance | A+T Associates


3 room flat interior design with Elegance | A+T Associates

The design scheme for this Vadodara apartment combines multiple visual inspirations and lots of custom-designed furniture pieces to create colourful but elegant interior spaces.

This swish new apartment (2,000 sq. ft. area) is situated in a posh locality at Vadodara, Gujarat. The London-based client wanted young, buoyant, cheerful and fresh looking interiors. “As you enter this plush apartment, the first visual clue to the kind of luxury that will follow is the clean, pure white aesthetics peppered with beige neutral tones and occasional bursts of colours on the furniture and walls,” states the team. In the foyer, a wooden hanging console unit is paired with a backdrop of half-veneer wall paneling, with some groove patterns and an off-center hanging light adding more beauty. “To add some more drama, a custom-designed mirror in the form of a dry leaf has been placed here asymmetrically.”

The olive green sofa, a very outdoorsy and modern country style piece, was custom designed and introduces a pop of colour in the living room. A few splashes of other colours also creep into the design in the form of a bright orange lounge chair and a pale avocado wall paneling which is the backdrop for the TV unit. Some uneven yet balanced grooves complete the design. It also has a wooden ledge for placing paintings.

The living and dining area coupling is a minimal and smart addition that speaks of the highly nuanced approach to space-division. The subtle grey with a tint of wood, and the contemporary hanging lights look beautiful with the beige wall at the back sporting 2 large bold paintings.

More intimate design solutions pervade the bedrooms. Each personal room has a different atmosphere and they have been specially furnished with pieces of custom-designed workmanship.

The guest bedroom is simple and elegant, with an Italian stone headboard and wooden molding on the sides. Custom wooden side-tables give it a finished look. The master suite flaunts a wooden double bed at the center, set against a chesterfield headboard with a wooden frame on 3 sides, which in turn is backed by a veneer wall-paneling engulfing an entire wall.

In another room, the pale green wall colour contrasts well with the headboard that has been designed with khaki-coloured 2’x4’ vitrified tiles with an off-center motif on it, and a wooden border on all the sides. The study area glass partition sports a flying bird themed art work in buff film.

The spill-out spaces such as the balconies in the living area as well as all the bedrooms are designed as garden nooks covered with pots and large plants, helping to merge the interior with the exterior flawlessly. Cane furniture seating is placed in the living area balcony. “To make it more lively and appealing to the house members, a Buddha statue waterfall has been placed in the corner; it gives the space that soothing feeling,” states the team.

 The colour palette selected for Frozen Monkey includes vibrant blues, yellows, and reds, giving the restaurant and bar a chic retro-and-pop look. The walls sport quirky coverings and funky graphics.


The lighting fixtures have been customised to imitate the various traits of monkeys and of ‘monkey business’, like bunches of bananas, banana peels, monkey tail, and more. “The restaurant is tech-savvy, like the clientele it attracts. A socially-active space has been created using everyday apps as a media to generate offers, and to enable interaction not just within individual groups but with the whole crowd,” states the team. Selfie booths have been specially designed and twitter messages get displayed on a large LED screen, showing the evolution of the ape into a high-tech social animal.

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